A Match Made In Heaven

Missed us recently?

We’ve missed you too! But it has been for good reason. You see, our team has been busy working hard to get everything in order for our next big project.

“What project?” you wonder? Well, I’m glad you asked…

Travelling Animal Doctors has recently joined forces with The Mad Dog Initiative to help protect some of the world’s most unique and endangered animals that call Madagascar home.

The Mad Dog Initiative had been working tirelessly in Madagascar since 2013, conducting field research, wildlife monitoring and working to develop sustainable spay/neuter programs. Over the last four years, the dedicated and hard-working team has had some incredible successes, in both research and their veterinary support program. One thing they did not expect, however, was just how much help Madagascar needs, and just how big the veterinary side of their project would grow.

The need for spay/neuter programs, and local veterinary training as well as humane education has become far greater than ever thought.

With the need for wildlife research and monitoring growing at an equally rapid rate, The Mad Dog Initiative reached out for help.

And we, at Travelling Animal Doctors were humbled to be the group that was contacted to take over the veterinary program.

The team from Mad Dog has done amazing work so far in Madagascar. They provide an essential service to the community; both in their veterinary program and wildlife research. There is clearly a great need for veterinary care, spay and neuter programs and humane education. The research shows this. This is exactly in line with our mission, and we are thrilled to be teaming up with such a dedicated group to help this program grow in its entirety.” – Jochem Lastdrager, Travelling Animal Doctors Founder and Head Veterinarian

With Travelling Animal Doctors on board to take over the veterinary side of this program, Mad Dog Initiative will be free to focus all their efforts and resources on their ground breaking research – research that shows just how necessary spay/neuter programs and veterinary care are in protecting wildlife.

We are dedicated and committed to strengthening and expanding the veterinary program, so we can reach more animals, more communities and more National Parks.

And there you have it – a match made in heaven.

Together, these two teams will work together to save the endangered wildlife of Madagascar, before it’s too late.

If you believe in our mission, and want to support our team of 100% volunteers, we need your help!

Show your support by donating today!

Buy a raffle ticket to win a week holiday in Belize – 100% of money raised go towards our Madagascar program

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